New Photoblog

I did have a photo-blog site a little while back but it basically became forgotten about, plus this site took over and I started building up my other site (which is e-commerce). Recently I decided to start a new photo-blog that would showcase some of my more unusual images in combination with some conventional shots that I would find hard to pigeon hole in terms of stock photography.

Its new, only just set up today and at the time of writing only features one image! I am planning to start building it up later in the month (certainly after I am out of hospital) as something to do whilst I am convalescing, there is a good archive to go through. Once I am well enough to go out with the camera, then I will begin shooting new material for this side project.

Can you view it?

Yes, of course – – Once its properly up and running, I will add a link in the navigation of this site to it and promote it a little more.

The photo-blog uses a different system, Pixelpost as opposed to WordPress which I have used in the past and found it to be very good at the job.

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