Quick tip: Chrome web page searches

I am not entirely sure what Google have called this feature in their new Chrome browser buts its very cool. So forgive me if its actually one of the main functions that is in fact emblazoned all over their website and I have just been gormless!

Try this:

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Go to www.bbc.co.uk
  3. Enter a search keyword in the search box, such as “Olympics”
  4. You get a load of results all related to your chosen subject
  5. Open a new tab
  6. Type “B” and “TAB” in that order, no enter key at any point
  7. Notice how the address bar changes to show “Search bbc.co.uk:” in a rounded blue box
  8. Now type your search keyword and the same search results will be shown as before

This trick works with any site that is searchable and cuts your key presses down to a minimum. I think its a handy feature and can see that as your new Chrome browser learns from you browsing habits, it will improve itself and become increasingly invaluable. Its the kind of feature you would miss if you were to use a different browser for any length of time.

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