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Random thoughts

Sometimes whilst driving to work, I think very random things. I like randomness, it’s those little things that embellish our daily routine that matter after all. This morning I thought of this and who knows what this will lead to….


We wait patiently in the foyer of Hammersmith Apollo. Tonight we will be photographing a rock legend, a man they call “The Boss”, none other than Bruce Springsteen of course. We clock another Bruce standing in the queue just ahead of us. A very famous Bruce, Mr Bruce Dickinson, the face of “Iron Maiden”. He turns around catches my eye and exchanges greetings with one of the other photoographers, they must know eachother quite well, as they are on first name terms. My friend Andy and I look at eachother and say in unison “Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden!”, as if we’ve never seen a famous artist before, we have seen a few over the years because that is what we do. Thinking back to that moment, I chuckle, it was quite funny but you had to be there! It was one of those “Scooby Doo” moments!

A guy in a yellow tee-shirt with “Security” enblazened all over it emerges from a door clucthing a bundle of passes. He hands them out, got mine and we are then ushered through the foyer, the bar area and into the audience.

“First 3 songs and no flash”.

Here we go!

There is more to this story and if Andy reads this he will know! He may even use a few expletives… to read the rest you will just have to buy the book….. did I say book? Yep. I did.

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