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The Allotment

Oh my word are we on a learning curve or what? My Wife and I are learning the art of maintaining an Allotment! So many people are now turning to the idea of cultivating their own fruit and veg. We decided to take the plunge over a year ago and recently a plot became available to us. Fantastic we have our own little piece of land to grow our own food! What next? I haven’t a clue! I have only recently got my hands dirty in the garden for the first time in my life. So don’t ask me! Ask my Wife!

Ok, I am useless and am hell bent to train myself to be a lot less so. My Wife has a better idea than I do. So we have spent time preparing the plot over the past weeks. A few weeks ago, we had cleared the area fairly well and started planting some veg, mainly Potatoes, Cabbage and Cauli. We also inherited a giant rhubarb plant from the previous owner which is looking healthy.

Then the weather turned, August came and went, it rained a lot and often very heavily. Various other thing shave also been happening in life and we’ve sadly slipped up as a result. Our allotment has become overgrown with weeds. The Bindweed we yanked out hasn’t come back too much but lots of other species have including bloody Nettles! Nettles! Aggggh! We are now having to use gloves to pull stuff out which I hate as I much rather getting my hands dirty, I can feel what I am grabbing and yanking out, gloves, well, you just can’t.

Did I say get my “hands dirty”? Yes, I did (Parents: don’t fall about laughing if you read this!).

So last night I found Tina down there with a sack, a face like thunder to match the gathering clouds overhead. I had been held up in traffic and was looking forward to some outdoor activity. Instead we decided to abandon it for the night and left feeling despondent and defeated. Those bloody Nettles!!!

What do we do?

Well, I have an idea….

Seriously I do and my wife may mop my brow and check my temperature for signs of a fever.

We need chemicals! We need to nuke those weeds and then all will be fine, trust me. Having said that I have found a very useful website which has given me some idea of what we could do. If you are in the same vote as us, it is worth a look. Go to [link] and the author has also written a book on the subject, which we may order!!!!!

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