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Some changes made to

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The pricing system has changed on the NLP site making it easier for people =
to choose when buying – You can buy a print of any image (personal use only=
), use the instant calculator to work out a price for licensing or request =
a quote if you are not entirely sure which then introduces you to a process=
of negotiation!

Print prices are simply:

A5 – =A310
A4 – =A325
A3 – =A340
If you want a different size or format then raise a quote as we can =
pretty much produce anything really. If demand for a certain product grows,=
then it can be added as a “full time” product later in life.

Other changes are going to be made to the homepage to reflect new addit=
ions to the site and the latest blog entries plus I really must put up a bi=
o about myself, sigh…

(NOTE: post this on nlp too)

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