Be Alert with Google

It wasn’t all that long ago that I wrote an article for a magazine about the many hidden benefits of Google andsince then I have discovered some other tricks that you may employ to help you become a smarter and better informed person.

We shall start off with Google’s Alerts system…

I have been using this more and more recently and its been incredibly useful. I started off with a few simple keywords that have allowedme t track the latest on Adobe Lightroom and what is going on in my home county of Hampshire. Alerts are delivered to my email and are normally quite interesting and in fact I have learnt one or two things I hadn’t known about.

Time to really put it to work – I am now tracking anything that is said about my business and as a result I am finding sites that link to mine that are new on me.

next step is to get it to track events that I am always keen to hear about, ones that may be worth approaching organisers for to offer one’s phorography services for example.

Recently a lady found this site through a Google Alert about the People of the Forest event in London. She attended it just because my site mentioned Bruce Parry of the series Tribe which was very relevant to the event as one of his films was featured.

Google Alerts may not look like much but is a very powerful tool and worth spending some time on.

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