Point and SHOOT! In Slough?

I love my Nikon D200 and the artillery of lenses that I own alongside
it but often times, its not practical to carry with me – At least not
in my pocket! I therefore also own a compact digital that can just
about fit in my pocket… My Lumix is modelled on the classic Leica M8
range-finder camera, its a very close match and is as solid as a
brick. Ok its not a Leica as such, its made by Panasonic in
partnership with Leica who provide the optics. It’s quality can
sometimes be a bit unpredictable but I have achieved some really good
shots with it since I bought it about 2 years ago.

It travels with me wherever I go, so you may be wondering why this
blog has lacked pics for awhile, well, I work in Slough……

That may attract a few negative comments….

So its for that reason that I am going to take it on a few outings
around Slough to do a little reportage and see what I can come up

Photography isn’t just all pretty landscapes and vibrant colour –
Urban images can serve their purpose well as mini documentaries of our
times and the world in which we live.

I want to move this blog in all kinds of intriguing directions…


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