I stand by you Twitter

Sometimes the internet world is a very fickle place. Take for example
the recent problems with Twitter, who as a result of their phenomenal
success have started to creak under the strain of the shear volume of
traffic they receive every second of each day. Apparently they are
finding that “Ruby on Rails”, the system they use for their front-end,
isn’t really able to handle so much demand. They are now seeking
alternative solutions whilst keeping the existing site up and running
– well some of the time!

Thing is users are an impatient bunch and will sooner jump ship than
wait for promises to be delivered in these beleaguered times. I have
read countless moans on friendfeed recently about people abandoning
Twitter in favour of its rival services such as FriendFeed.

I stand by Twitter because its a great service, does exactly what it
was designed for, doesn’t step outside of this premise by offering
other confusing facilities that end up clouding its real purpose (as
so many other sites do) – Plus you can use your mobile to text updates
to it which is fantastic – plus its integrated into this blog, so that
when I either cannot write a proper blog entry or just want to say a
quick something….

I Tweet it!

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