FriendFeed – Lovin’ it!

I have to confess that I am becoming addicted to FriendFeed and I
thank Fraser Smith for pointing me in its direction in the first
place. Now that my connections are growing, the activity and
discussion taking place on there is becoming more engrossing, as
members of the technical world take part in what can be best described
as one of the best global discussions there is. I am discovering new
photographers, music, software, websites and hearing about interesting
rumours in the industry. In fact if you are hard-core blogger or
journalist, its an invaluable tool – Its your digital “ear to the
ground”, your “radar” etc etc.

I am only following a smallish number of people compared to some guys
out there but I can also see their friends through them which is a
great feature, as I am able to comment or like their items. This can
lead onto new friendships being established and so on. Thus the
network grows over time.

If you get on with FF, go and get Feedalizr, its a great tool and runs
in the background. Add a link to your email signatures too, so that
friends and relatives can see what you’ve been writing about and they
too can join.

I am sure there are many ways FriendFeed can be improved but I have to
admit, I quite like it as it is, so please keep it that way!

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