Blogging like a crazy horse

I am blogging like a crazy horse today, yes yes you may have guessed
that I am having a quiet day. In fact Friday’s should be made quiet by
law, employers should ease back, customers shouldn’t email or phone
their service providers…. just chill out and leave people be, they
are only thinking of the weekend after all.

This leaves me with plenty of time to think about stuff like:

Should I switch to O2, just so that I can have one of those shiny new
Iphone 3G thingy-me-dukes, I have resisted thus far but I can feel the
gravitational pull of planet Apple pulling me off kilter. Mind you I
would blog even more then, probably even from the toilet! Now that’s
taking it too far, way too far…

Looking forward to the longest day of the year tomorrow….

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