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Why do I have more than one website?

Some people try and cram everything into one website, such as John Smith likes to write, he is also a
semi-professional photographer but by day he works for a software
house, engineering web solutions. On top of this he also has interests
in gardening, nature, music, travel and technology in general. His
website is confusing and cluttered as he has literally got pages
dedicated to everything he is interested in. Ok, John is a fictional
character but he is no different to myself.

This is why I have more than one website and host them all on the one
dedicated server. This site is dedicated to my blog and used to house
a gallery, which I have decided to scrap in favour of the separate
website (known as NLP hereon).

NLP is dedicated to becoming as big a library of usable images as
possible, its my own personal stock library and people can purchase
images from it either digitally or as prints. Its down to you, you can
have them anyway you want and to make it even more attractive, all
prices are negotiable within certain limits.

However the best thing about having multiple websites is that each one
has a clean and uncluttered look, they serve up their own relevant
content, so much so that people are more likely to bookmark them for
certain purposes.

Marketing your sites therefore is a lot easier because if people ask
about certain things, lets say nature photography, I can give them a
very specific link that leads them to a collection of images that suit
their needs perfectly. Sales are more likely.

In terms of this blog, its categorised, so that all posts are sorted
into relevant groups.

SEO is also greatly improved when you have more than one website and
especially if you link them together in as many ways as possible. is a community site for photographers and you should
check that out too, if you haven’t already done so.

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