Realising what draws people to your site and concentrating on it

Last year I penned a post about Red Kites making more of an appearance
in the skies of Hampshire and it has attracted regular comments from
my readers. I did a little bit of research on Google and found that if
you search for “Hampshire Red Kites” my site is listed in 2nd or third
place in the results. This may have been caused by the number of
comments received or maybe it was Google that attracted them in the
first place.

If you think about it, people who are interested in red kites and live
in Hampshire are likely to do a little research on the web to see if
there are any chances of seeing them in this area and when they
discover a blog all about it, it will grab their attention and they
may well share their information with you, as they have in this case.

Comments are very useful in judging which subjects you are considered
to be an authority on (even if you don’t think you are) and people
will visit your site often if you spend a fair amount of time
following up the subject and or writing related stories as spin-offs.

I must confess that this blog does at times wander all over the place
and doesn’t have a particular direction but its a case of finding it
(or perhaps a clutch of different ones).

I have been planning to photograph the red kites again. Stokenchurch
is a great location for this and I am currently saving up to purchase
some more kit to achieve this. I am looking out for a Sigma 300-800mm
lens which is very pricey indeed (still saving my pennies!) and a hide
of some description. I have a location or two in mind and it should be
feasible to get some very good photographs of red kites in action. I
will blog about this when it happens but its not going to be for
awhile yet!

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