Microsoft Vista – First opinions by a late adopter

I have steered well clear of Vista for ages, sticking with XP for as
long as possible, “better the devil you know”, as they say. That was
until recently, when I decided to buy a new and more powerful laptop
which comes with, yes, you have guessed it – Vista Home

Having heard so many stories of poor compatibility, flakiness,
applications crashing and people being driven to padded cells by it
all, I must admit I was a little nervous but knew that I had to get my
hands on it one day, just to expose myself to it and gain new
expertise if nothing else.

My thoughts currently after having owned my new machine for two whole
weeks, is actually very good. Vista is “alright” and whilst its a bit
different, on occasions annoyingly so. I can see myself getting to
grips with it and eventually upgrading my thoughts on it to – “Liking

I haven’t had many problems yet although one did frustrate me for
about 15 minutes until I found a solution via Google. I had purchased
“Mass Effect” online which is an amazing game by the way and it didn’t
run at first. I found out that if I disabled the UAC (User Access
Control), the game would run and sure enough it now does. I haven’t
yet really sussed out what the UAC is (any guidance would be welcome
on this).

I haven’t yet managed to get my printer working on the network but I
am sure I will suss it out eventually.

I do find the funky effects side of the UI very attractive but also
quite distracting! I tend to find this being the case, if you turn off
all of the bells an whistles, you may well be left with a bland
looking UI but you get a heck of a lot more work done!

Its early days, I am still learning new things about Vista.

Lets leave you with a list of things I really like about it.

The syncing tools are great and I can easily sync my phone with the
laptop via bluetooth.
Boot up is very quick.
I love the little games especially Mahjong!
The “Aero” feature is good and the little taskbar previews are pretty clever.
Windows games run really well such as “Age of Conan” (more on this in
another post…)


  1. Hi mate, have you looked at Ubuntu at all? I moved to Linux a year and a half ago and haven’t looked back since. You can dual-boot it too. Hope you’re good, Jim


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