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Novice gardener re-designs his own garden!

Ok I am still utterly clueless, can barely tell the difference between a geranium and a bluebell but I think I am making some progress in the learning department! The garden is progressing, as we quite literally dig it up and start from scratch. So far we’ve cleared one of the beds at the front of our house, one round the back and started on a third. There is still a great deal of work to be done but we are approaching it in a gradual fashion, so as to fit it in with our other commitments in life.

The plan is to create a vibrant cottage garden with oodles of variety and seasonal surprises. This does mean we may end up with a huge number of plants but at the same time we need to keep the maintenance levels to a medium level, as there will be days when we can’t spend time on it at all.

Design is key – Interesting for a novice like myself, as I am travelling along a steep learning curve. digging in and getting my hands dirty.

One of my passions is macro photography and I am looking forward to being able to photograph the “new” garden over the years to come. I will be sharing these images with you along the way.

Watch out for another post laer this weekend featuring some new photographs of our plants, some of which are already flowering nicely. Progress….

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