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Jeez my back aches!

We have blitzed our garden today and I now ache from head to toe. I can imagine right now many people shaking their heads in shame of my weakness. I bow to you dedicated gardeners out there and your very strong spines. We have planted a myriad of perennials out there, ranging from Fuschias, Lupins to errr, hmmm, various others. I was going to do a little photography afterwards but I ache so much I can’t lift anything else, oh the shame of it! Is there anybody else out there who are learning the arcane art of gardening? So far I have found it to be good fun, I have re-discovered the kid in me, playing with mud, dirt and worms, digging holes, yanking things out, chopping and occasionally being stung by the odd nettle.

Once things start to bloom, I am planning to do quite a lot of macro photography out there which I am looking forward to doing and hope to produce a coffee table book out of it (incidentally I should receive the first copy of my current book next week from the printers).

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  1. You wouldn’t believe how many time I have had to say “no Nick thats a plant not a weed”!! (Mrs Nick)

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