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Me? Gardening? You must be having a laugh!

I have to confess I am no gardener, in fact I have always hated it. Who likes getting their hands dirty after all? It is back breaking work and if you are a hay fever sufferer like me, just forget it, leave it to the professionals. In fact why not hire one to do our garden?

Now I have given you the idea that gardening isn’t for me? Well the other day I had a go, cleared a bed (admittedly to help my wife) and planted some new flowers such as a dicentra spectabilis, a few geraniums, some fuschias and a few others. Sounds like i know what i am talking about doesn’t it?

I have to confess I am learning, beginning to enjoy it, feel healthier for it since I am excercising parts I never knew I had. Above all our garden is slowly changing from something that resembles an equatorial rainfoest into a mini haven.

Watch out Monty Don

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