People of the Forest

I attended a fascinating event last night at the Royal Geographical Society entitled “People of the Forest” which featured a series of films made by Handcrafted Films (which is run by my brother Tim Lewis, Paul Redman and Jamie Elkins). The evening comprised of a photographic exhibition and the showing of a series of films called 5×5, five short films telling a real story. The story was about the plight that the indigenous people of the Indonesian Rain Forests are facing and how one local chief made his first journey to Europe to campaign for their rights as People of the Forest, to fight against the mounting threat of deforestation caused by illegal logging.

The films were superbly produced (I would be biased in saying so, since my Brother played a massive part in the production) and were extremely moving, shocking, educational but also at the same time proved that by simply educating the people we can empower them with the ability to affect change themselves.

Note: All photos are only lo-res for internet viewing. Please let me know if you are interested in a hi-res version and I will email it to you. for more information on this project.

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  1. I really enjoyed this event guys. I hope you picked up a number of leads from it. See you soon. P.S. Please feel free to discuss it here…


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