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Durdle Door

Durdle door has to be one of our greatest coastal treasures, the product of many thousand years erosion. We arrived with heaps of time to spare before sunset and those steps down are fun aren’t they! I took pretty much my whole kit bag which was a mistake as I shall explain later.

Once on the beach Tina and Alice settled down on their little patch as I started looking for angles both obvious and not so obvious.

We had noticed whilst driving along one of the high points before Durdle Door, that Portland Bill appeared to be floating on a layer of mist on the horizon and this was still the case upon reaching the beach.

I dug out my 70-200 to compress this scene using a rock close to the shore as a foreground anchor. The result was a surreal milky white image with a monochrome feel, i spent some more time on this one, checking my histogram and adjusting both the polariser and ND grad to control exposure etc.

Once i was happy I then turned my attention to the star of the show, the world famous arch. It was looking good but not quite dramatic enough. The sky was still a blue colour but not the fiery orange and magenta hue I was looking for. So I exposed a number of frames and turned my attention to the other end of the beach.

In the end we had to call it a day as the sunset didn’t turn out quite as we had hoped and the light was going. We were concious of getting back up the path whilst it was still light. The walk back was an absolute killer and I have decided that my current fitness levels are not what they were. It will be awhile before i attempt a location like this again. So my plans to climb mountains etc may have to be put off until after my transplant LOL!

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