Time to take a breather

The last month or so has been very busy, I can’t believe its now nearly half way through May. Life just seems like a motorway at times and you barely have time to think, take stock, relax and take a breather. Anyway I am off this week, whoohoo! Just putting my feet up and doing a few things close to home and I certainly won’t miss the daily commute for the next week, that’s for sure!

This week is going to be a mixture of Coast and London (leisurely visit though rather than on the rush hour route). We are visiting the heritage coast of Dorset, attending a special event in London (involving my Brother) and heading for Titchfield on the Hampshire coast. Sometimes its nice not to go abroad and to just savour what’s on your doorstep.

Anyway got to dash, shall write some more here over the course of the week, maybe!

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