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I am a frequent visitor to Dorney Wetlands in Buckinghamshire and in the past few days have discovered Skylarks there. We went along yesterday on a bitingly cold Saturday morning wrapped up in many layers of clothes but still feeling totally frozen. Things weren’t looking promising until the sun made a brief appearance and we heard the familiar call of the skylark, so unmistakeable. We then spotted one in what naturalists call “Song Flight” and it then parachuted down to terra-firma.

We spotted a pair on the ground and I managed to get some shots using a very strategically placed picnic bench and they started to come towards me. I was hoping they would come a little bit closer and they were slowly doing so, as they were pecking away at the ground for food. Something must have spooked them as they then took off and flew a few meters away from where we were sat and that to be honest was that. The photos could have been better but I couldn’t get any closer on this occasion. I hope to go back and try again.

The cold got the better of us and then the weather turned in more, so we headed for the car and then home.

Oh and we did see a very nice Swan too, which I got a pleasing photo of, especially as some shots you see of swans show them in urban habitats, I was pleased with the natural look of what I captured.

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