Picking my favourites


I have been going through the gallery on this site and picking out some of my favourite shots taken over the past couple of years and as a result deciding what direction I would like to take this year. Its a difficult thing to decide upon, as I have so many interests in photography. I have my favourite lenses – for example I love my macro for getting some great abstract shots mainly of natural subjects. I also enjoy using my monster 50-500mm lens for photographing birds and other animals. I have for some time had my eye on the 300-800mm Sigma but the price tag is a little bit scary! I am still also getting to grips with my newest recruit, the Sigma 18-200 OS that I have recently used for Brussels and Oxford.

The best time of year is around the corner and I endeavour to get out there and photograph nature in all its glory plus also exploring my travel interests that will take in more of the UK throughout 2008.

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