Oxford – Here I come

Here I am on another train journey, this time not under the Channel. I am heading for Oxford and its famous spires, to meet up with a bunch of like-minded individuals, some fellow photographers, members of Flickr and Nfolio. Its going to be a great day, a chance to catch up with some old friends and to make some new ones at the same time.

We have run similar days in the past and have been all over the South of England – London, Brighton, Winchester, Lewes and even Farnborough which resulted in our first ever physical exhibition.

Todays event has mainly been organised by Eric Hands, a fine photographer whose work I greatly admire and also a good friend of mine. He has got together a group of people to travel up from London and I am making my own way there.

The weather is fine here as my train takes me into Berkshire, so lets hope it will remain this way throughout the day in Oxford.

Check back later for another blog photo montage and an account of how the day went!

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