The clocks went forward today and enjoying the beautiful weather we have had today. I decided to grab my macro lens and take a look around our garden for some new images. Things are gradually springing to life out there and the hyacinths seemed to be a good choice, as they weren’t in direct and strong sunlight.

The shot was taken using a Tamron 90mm macro lens, camera mounted on a tripod and a reflector attached to the leg of the tripod with a “plamp”. I was looking for some strong abstract images with a big splash of colour and this composition was the one I liked best out of the whole lot! You may see some more shots in the gallery section.

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The photo above was taken in Le Brusc, France of an absolutely gorgeous sunset over the Med. It was taken with a Nikon D100 and a Sigma 70-200mm lens. This photo is just one of the many for sale as prints and this collection will be increased furthermore throughout the year.

UPDATE – This has changed!! Web address is the same but you don’t need to click on a prints link, just browse the entire site, add images you like to your lightbox and then order them as prints….



If you are one of the observant sorts you will no doubt spot that this isn’t a recent shot and you are indeed right, it was taken 10 months ago. I am in the mood for Spring and have spotted that the Black Headed gulls I’ve seen in recent weeks are starting to develop their summer plumage and serves as a reminder that it will soon be time to keep a keen eye on all things Spring. Over the weekend we saw a number of lambs which took us by surprise as we weren’t expecting to see any until at least mid April. Today whilst out for a brief walk, I heard the distinctive sound of the skylark and sure enough, spotted at least one in flight overhead. Come to think of it the clocks go forward this weekend. Its Spring!

Tate Modern


The new Doris Salcedo installation at the Tate Modern puzzles many a visitor as it did us. How did she do it? Why did she do it? What is the meaning of modern art? Anyway I didn’t particularly care as I chose to take a photo of the whole affair from the first floor looking down. A cliched shot maybe, many people were taking it with their cameraphones but sometimes its ok to be a tourist too.

Taking a different view


Its always interesting when photographing a famous building such as St Pauls (shown above). Instead of taking a shot of the famous dome across the river, I opted to photograph a different side of the building and using a street lamp as a focal point in the foreground. Its just a little bit different to the norm.