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My outlook on the Social Networking concept

I don’t know about you but I am currently favouring Plaxo Pulse over Facebook. Pulse is not yet bloated with a zillion pointless applications and is (in a sense) what Facebook used to be at the very start. Don’t get me wrong I love the concept of social networking, its changing our lives but for the better? or for the worse?

I am a big fan of Twitter, mainly due to its simplicity and clever features. I love the new tracking service that allows me to see who is talking about those important tags out there on the “twitter-sphere” and then I can follow them to keep up-to-date with what they are doing. The funny thing is everyone has a different way of using the service, some will almost run a commentary on literally everything they do, others impart words of great wisdom, some share great links and people can even chat with one another in a roundabout way.

Twitter is now fully integrated with Plaxo Pulse, Facebook and probably a few others, so that everyone knows what you are doing. Thing is this could actually backfire on you if you aren’t careful! Can you be too certain who is following you and that certain things you may say could be misconstrued.  Having said that this can happen through email, text or any form of written communication where the receipient can’t see the face of the sender to determine the context of what you are saying.

So in essence I think its a great thing, this social networking malarky, jusy don’t send me any more Vampires or Zombies, waste of bandwidth and above all my time!

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  1. Hi there, guess what…I’m also called Nick Lewis. Cool heh.

    Anyway, nice photos man. Good luck with that, and generally with being Nick Lewis.

    Nick Lewis

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