SlideShowPro and Lightroom

One of my favourite Flash applets has got to be Slideshow Pro. I have used it in the past on some web projects that I have worked on and its very slick indeed.

I was delighted recently to discover that there is a special plugin version for Lightroom and bought it outright. I was disappointed at first because it didn’t work and after some hardcore “googling” discovered that it was because I needed to upgrade my copy of Lightroom to the very latest version. Problem solved…

Exporting was slow due to a few bugs and in the past week version 1.1 has just been released. So make sure you get this latest version as its much faster, plus a few extra features have been added that I haven’t yet had the chance to fully explore. It seems that a lot of its teething problems have been put to bed.

Take a look at to learn more about this great product and really show off your imagery on your websites.

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