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Kickstart the New Year

January is a tough month for photography, as quite often it can be cold, wet and dreary out there. So now is a good time to set yourself some challenges for the immediate future and further into the year, January is the time for planning and for trying something a bit different. Here are a few ideas to get you going…

  • Use one particular lens for a month.
  • We all have “comfort zones”, so now is the time to leave them behind. Be brave try something you’ve never dared before!! So if you normally shoot landscapes, have a go at fashion or something truly radical.
  • Plan some trips to parts of the UK or the World that you’ve never ever visited before. If for example you’ve never been outside of Europe and fancy going somewhere tropical, go for it! If you are able to travel now, lucky you, go for it!
  • Make more money out of your shots, especially if you’ve never achieved this before!
  • If you normally shoot in colour, why not try creating some Black and White images using either film or digital techniques.
  • Get your shots published more.
  • If you don’t have a blog, start one! I am enjoying running this one for example…
  • Plan to buy some exciting new kit for your camera bag this year – need some new lenses? Now is a good time to evaluate what you have and what you could do with.
  • Join a stock library
  • Don’t forget to explore you local area more, quite often (as I often do), we do neglect what’s right on our very own doorsteps!

At present I am experimenting with my new Sigma 18-200 OS and a lot of the shots you’ll see here are taken with it. I am soon going to embark on a project that’s well outside my comfort zone by shooting some street photography around the towns in which I live and work. I will also be travelling this year to a number of places I’ve never been to before. 2008 should be exciting and a lot of fun… Hope yours is too!

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