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Big Garden Birdwatch

Later this month it’s time for the annual RSPB’s “Big Garden Birdwatch” survey, scheduled to take place on the 26th and 27th of January. The idea is simple – You spend an hour in your garden on either of these two days and make a note of all the birds you see and how many of each species. You then fill out the survey form online and contribute to one of the biggest surveys of its kind. Last year 400,000 people took part and some staggering discoveries were made about some of our most common species.

I shall be taking part in this survey on one of these days and will also aim to capture a few images in the process. Our garden is a bit of “non-haven” for birds and we are not quite sure why, so now is a good time to study this and to try an encourage more to visit.

In the meantime – Will you be taking part? I’d be interested to know what you see in your garden?? Please send me links to your websites (publish them as comments if you wish).

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