New style, plugin and Twitter updates are all the rage today here on! The Gallery is a little bit messed up at the moment and I need to re-introduce the “Stock” link… Apart from that I think its looking good… Will write some proper posts again soon but been a bit busy recently with a lot of projects.


Our first overseas trip this year will be to Brussels and this has already been booked. I am looking forward to the trip as we shall be travelling by Eurostar from the newly revamped St Pancras Station in London directly to Brussels. I have not yet been on Eurostar nor through the Channel Tunnel, so it will be a little bit of an adventure for me (my Wife has already done it though for work). Once we are there we shall be staying fairly central and exploring every nook and cranny of the city armed with my Nikon D200 and the usual bag full of lenses as an accompaniment.

I am looking for a variety of pictures to sell through Alamy (and my own library which is being built up more this year) plus I am also planning on producing an article and a raft of blog entries to boot. Some of the shots I have in mind are fairly standard but I am also looking for abstract moody shots too which will include people to portray a story of some kind.

Brussels is the first of many such trips this year and beyond. I shan’t reveal much more at this stage but will tell you more once a few more trips have been booked.

In the meantime if you know Brussels well and would like to recommend any locations for me to visit whilst there, please post a comment.

Stock Update

New images of Eton have been added to and the overall gallery structure has been changed slightly to bring key galleries up a level to become visible on the homepage. A large number of images have been sent to Alamy recently and these are currently in their queue. I am also reviewing the pricing system at the moment as I want to switch it over to being totally automatic and to abandon the current quoting system. In other words when selecting a picture to purchase from the library, you will be asked about print run sizes, distribution, reproduction sizes in order for the system to calculate the price – Most images will be directly downloadable after a purchase has been made.