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Red Kites in Hampshire

Just seen a red kite near Hook in Hampshire! They are spreading!

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  1. Saw four red kites on the Hampshire /Berkshire border at Ashmansworth on 25/11/2007.

  2. That is brilliant. Have you ever been to Stokenchurch in Bucks? That’s a great spot for them.

  3. saw with my husband ten red kites outskirts of a tiny hamlet in hampshire called hares warren.fantastic.this was on the 13th january 2008.

  4. Ah yes, I know where that is, let me know if you see them again and I may drive over that way one weekend to see if I can find them.

  5. Hi we live in on the outskirts of Reading and often see a couple of Kites flying overhead now even better it looks like they are nesting in a small copse at the back of our house,brilliant birds

  6. Thats fantastic, they are definitely spreading and thats brilliant news by my book

  7. Single Red Kite seen at Netheravon Hampshire on 31 March 08. Pair of buzzard also over head but did not seem bothered or interested. There is hope for us here in our buzzard strong hold in Somerset yet we would love to see kite down here.

  8. I saw what I thought intially was a buzzard, however it had a pronounced fork tail. I think the only bird of prey with a forked tail is a Red Kite, am I correct? If so there is at least one near Steep not far from Petersfield

    1. Just seen a single Red Kite near the Ham Barn roundabout at Liss earlier today, 6 Mar 11.

  9. Yes that’s right, sounds like you did indeed see a Red Kite

  10. Red Kites fly over our house every day in Tadley Hampshire. Also seen at Greenham and Crookham Common and over Andrew LLOyd Webbers estate at Sydmonton where our Daughter lives. it is all very exciting.

  11. Thanks everyone for your really interesting comments on this topic. I have seen some around Hampshire recently. I too have seen one or two near Tadley plus near Wellington Statue Aldershot, saw a solitary kite flying around there.

  12. Large bird of prey being mobbed by 2 rooks. had a forked tail. and narrower wings than a buzzard.
    this was in otterbourne area of hampshire. between winchester and southampton. at 0630. sat 17th may.

  13. Thanks Dave – Yep, you saw a red kite, the forked tail is a giveaway and if you see them in good light, they really are a beautiful rusty red colour.

  14. Type your comment here.
    we now have red kite flying over our garden in oakley hampshire.

  15. Angie – Fantastic 🙂

  16. Type your comment here.
    Several (at least four)seen in the area around Vernham Dean near Andover yesterday (08.06.08.)

  17. Earlier this afternoon my wife and I saw a single red kite circling above The Park gym just outside Hook close to the A30. No doubts about it – the forked tail was clearly visible.

  18. Just seen a single Kite over my house, East of Bridgwater in Somerset.
    It was being mobbed by a single crow.
    Tail quite forked so believe it was a Red Kite, but not ruling out Black Kite as I think they may be passing through at this time of year.
    This is a first for me in this part of the world

  19. Its possible it could have been either. If it was in direct sunlight and silhouetted it would have been hard to decide which, red or black.

    I haven’t seen any for awhile now but we are heading down towards and past Andover tomorrow, so shall keep eyes peeled.

    Every time I see one its always fantastic, as they are one of my favourites. Seeing a group of 40 was the best though which was up in the Chilterns area.

  20. Wow! Just realised that this post is now precisely one year old!!

  21. I live in Mortimer on the Berkshire/Hampshire border and I see a pair of Kite’s almost every time I walk my dogs. Sometimes but less often we get 1 flying over the garden. Saw 6 today whilst out walking but saw aproximately 12 whilst walking up at Watership Down near Kingsclere.
    Amazing birds.

    1. That’s fantastic Peter, thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  22. We have just travelled down past Aldershot and back. and on the way down we spotted 9 Red Kites flying over the M40 near the sign for Oxford.Never seen any before so it was quite exciting!! However on the way back near dusk another 3 where spotted.

  23. In the past month my wife and I have noticed on two occasions a red kite flying close to our house in Rownhams. Its great to see these birds this far south.

  24. We have three red kites in Froyle, near Alton, at the moment and two of them appear to be a pair. Here’s hoping!!

    1. Yes lets hope they are!

  25. There’s 3 pairs of Red Kites in the Liss/Petersfield area of Hampshire on the Border of East Susex

    1. Thanks for letting me know and interesting to learn they are spreading out further towards the coastal counties.

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