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Cornwall – Seals


We were sat in a Pub garden that overlooked Newquay Harbour. Tina pointed at something that she thought was a seal. I told her it was probably a rock or a large clump of seaweed. I honestly thought thats what it was at first until the object vanished and appeared over on the other side of the Harbour. I was now getting worried that my eyesight was on the blink or I had eaten too many pasties and my brain was starting to malfunction.

I reached for my bloody large 50-500 lens and attached it to my camera and scanned the harbour for signs of life. The large rock suddenly developed the ability to swim and had spawned three other rocks. I rapidly realised that I must listen to my wife more often, as she was spot on, they were indeed seals.

We decided to gulp our drinks back and descend the steep combination of road and steps down to the harbour. We got there and our marine mammal friends were still there, in fact they weren’t at all in a rush and even happily volunteered themselves as willing models for my camera. All of the sudden a big crowd had gathered to watch them and a mysterious guy turned up in a Range Rover, hopped out with a bigger lens than me (now thats not on), took one shot, got back in and drove off!! Bizarre!!

Here are some more shots – Please click on each to view larger version and use the cursor keys to flick through them all.



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