Since being published in Professional Photgrapher, I have received one or two calls regarding work experience or the possibility of becoming an assistant for NLP. I am really sorry to say that at this time, there are no vacancies or opportunities available.

However I am more than happy to help in other ways and will be looking into this in the future. I am planning a number of courses and workshops for 2008 in the various fields I work with. I will be publishing more on this as soon as I have some more concrete ideas in place!

Stock Library

Our stock library system is now up and running. We have installed Pixaria 2 at and its up and running. You may start using it right now even though I need to modify the themes to make it look more independent and Nick Lewis Photography’ish!

It has its own News Feed which is worth subscribing to, as when I publish new sets of images, the RSS feed will be updated to bring you these updates automatically.


We are currently working on re-introducing the stock library system Pixaria to this web site. Version 2.0 is being launched soon and the upgrade will be applied this weekend.

You may view the system at but please bear in mind that its not ready for launch quite yet and won’t be fully operational until the end of the year. Please feel free to use the facility but with a little caution for the time being!

The service will allow clients to purchase licensed stock images from this site via negotiation with full e-commerce facilities.

We are also planning to market a range of photographic prints via the service.

Will keep you posted!

Article in Professional Photographer magazine

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I make an appearance in this month’s issue of “Professional Photographer” magazine. Roger Payne (Editor of FPME and Associate Editor of Photography Monthly) writes about the trials and tribulations of music photography. I feature as a case study alongside one other photographer (the far more established) Scarlet Page. It reads very well and a couple of my shots have been reproduced too.

I can tell you that you can expect more writing from me in the near future, its something I am working hard on right now…. Bye for now!

Autumn and all its glory


Autumn is now starting to really kick in, today we saw the first heavy frost of the season and I decided to capture some of it in Windsor Great Park where there was the added delight of a low lying mist.

The close-ups of tree bark were (believe it or not) taken from one single tree. I discovered the specimen in Burnham Beeches, a gnarled old stump, that offered a variety of wonderful textures and patterns for me and my camera. Nature is truly amazing!