A good photographer is also a good writer

Professional Chefs are a lucky bunch, they get all of the recognition under the sun with the plethora of TV shows dedicated to their artform nowadays. What about us photographers though?

Alas, its not as easy for us, we don’t have any TV shows to notch up our popularity but maybe TV isn’t the best medium for photography? After all photography is all about still images rather than those of the animated variety.

Magazines are our Television and if you want to become well known in the photo world, you need to get in with the mags. Funnily enough this is just as competitve as trying to get your face on the Telly. There are a limited number of magazines, all of whom have a limited amount of space but this shouldn’t deter you from trying to get into some of them.

There are two things you can do. Firstly you may try and get an image printed or maybe a collection of them. Secondly you could try your hand at a little bit of writing to accompany your photos. If you can achieve this across a range of magazines, then you may become as famous as people like Charlie Waite, Guy Edwardes, David Noton and Andy Rouse. All of
whom have made a name for themselves purely through generating an audience for their work by doing a little bit of writing!

Its also the most lucrative side of magazine publishing as you get paid for both your photography and words.

This is the reason that I decided to start blogging about the work that I do. Its enabled me to hone my writing skills and quite often some of the articles I have written here have been the catalyst for more detailed articles.

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