Can you identify these?


343|220The two shots you see here were both taken in my own back garden. I was outside trimming some shrubs back and spotted them and decided to spend a little bit of time with the camera (us photographers never stop even during a Bank Holiday!),

The fungi was taken at ground level using a beanbag for support, I decided to draw attention to the foremost stalk and set the depth of field/aperture to about f8. I took a sequence of shots as lying on my belly is difficult (no I am not fat!) and I wasn’t entirely sure whether I had got it right, so its always best to take a few for “insurance”.

The flower is (we believe) some kind of Lily which was taken using a tripod and the same Tamron 90mm macro lens as in the previous shot.

I am having a dilemma – Can you help me identify the flower and fungi? If you know please post a comment and I will see that they are published here. I need to keyword the images before I submit them to Alamy!

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