1 Purple Heron spotted not once but 4 times!


We decided to take a 4th go at spotting the Purple Heron today and this time I am delighted to say – We saw it not once but 4 times!

Photographing it was not easy and the photo shown here isn’t my best but given the conditions I would class it as nothing other than a record shot. To get a better shot would take more planning and using a hide to get close to its roosting site which may not be possible in this case. Its not certain how long it will remain at Frensham Little Pond for, its been present for a week already and is on its own save for the company of a group of normal Grey Heron.

The shot was taken using a Nikon D200, Sigma 50-500 EX, tripod mounted, 1/400th-f6.3, continuous servo auto-focus and using RAW.

I normally only share my best shots here and this isn’t one of them but its more a case of sharing with you my experiences. Wildlife photography is very tough and its not always possible to achieve fantastic results. Time is often restricting and in this case the bird would only appear for about 20 seconds at a time, if that. You have to react very quickly and “make do” with the conditions. The other day the light was too dull and if I had seen it, I wouldn’t have managed to have taken a photo and today the light was too harsh!!!

One thought on “1 Purple Heron spotted not once but 4 times!

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  1. Well spotted! Its one of those times when you just have to hope you get lucky by spending as much time as you can in the area. Any kind of shot is better than no shot when it comes to a species you don’t see everyday. Great stuff!


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