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The two images shown above were taken at two different locations. I spotted the Heron at Titchfield Haven down on the Hampshire coast just as I was about to leave the hide I was in. I spotted the heron racing along at low level trying to shake off a squadron of Black Headed Gulls that were trying to attack it. I panned along following the aerial display and fired off a load of shots using the “Ch” setting on my D200 which enabled me to capture the entire sequence. The problem was most of them didn’t really come out and the only decent one is the one you see here. Even then I had to crop this shot to make it work, as the original shows one of the gulls on the edge of the frame, cut in half! I was quite amazed that I managed to even get a single shot, as it all happened so fast and trying to hand hold a 500mm lens is pretty difficult.

The image of the Thrush was taken about 2 weeks later whilst we were visiting Brownsea Island. We were looking for Red Squirrels but at this point had only seen one dart up a tree and vanish. We spotted this Thrush camouflaging itself against the woodland floor, I crept up on my stomach very slowly and captured this shot just before it picked itself up and wondered over to a nearby lump of wood.

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