The delicate beauty of nature

What kind of plant is this?

I found this rather beautiful but haven’t got the foggiest what it is! If you know what it is I’d most grateful if you could tell me 🙂

I found it in an arboretum that runs alongside Dorney Lake which is full of some interesting plants that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

This shot was taken using my trusty D200, a tripod + ball head, a Tamron 90mm macro lens and…


My new “Plamp”!!!

It sure makes anchoring things down so much easier and I can use it to manoeuvre stems into the frame so much better. It was worth buying and I am sure it will be a regular tool of mine on future shoots.

Can you identify these?


343|220The two shots you see here were both taken in my own back garden. I was outside trimming some shrubs back and spotted them and decided to spend a little bit of time with the camera (us photographers never stop even during a Bank Holiday!),

The fungi was taken at ground level using a beanbag for support, I decided to draw attention to the foremost stalk and set the depth of field/aperture to about f8. I took a sequence of shots as lying on my belly is difficult (no I am not fat!) and I wasn’t entirely sure whether I had got it right, so its always best to take a few for “insurance”.

The flower is (we believe) some kind of Lily which was taken using a tripod and the same Tamron 90mm macro lens as in the previous shot.

I am having a dilemma – Can you help me identify the flower and fungi? If you know please post a comment and I will see that they are published here. I need to keyword the images before I submit them to Alamy!

1 Purple Heron spotted not once but 4 times!


We decided to take a 4th go at spotting the Purple Heron today and this time I am delighted to say – We saw it not once but 4 times!

Photographing it was not easy and the photo shown here isn’t my best but given the conditions I would class it as nothing other than a record shot. To get a better shot would take more planning and using a hide to get close to its roosting site which may not be possible in this case. Its not certain how long it will remain at Frensham Little Pond for, its been present for a week already and is on its own save for the company of a group of normal Grey Heron.

The shot was taken using a Nikon D200, Sigma 50-500 EX, tripod mounted, 1/400th-f6.3, continuous servo auto-focus and using RAW.

I normally only share my best shots here and this isn’t one of them but its more a case of sharing with you my experiences. Wildlife photography is very tough and its not always possible to achieve fantastic results. Time is often restricting and in this case the bird would only appear for about 20 seconds at a time, if that. You have to react very quickly and “make do” with the conditions. The other day the light was too dull and if I had seen it, I wouldn’t have managed to have taken a photo and today the light was too harsh!!!

Purple Heron?

This week I spotted an interesting piece of news on that a Purple Heron had been spotted at Frensham Little Pond in Surrey. We took a trip down there on Monday evening to see if we could spot it.

A few other people were there and I asked them if they had any joy. Sadly nobody we spoke to had seen it but knew roughly where it probably could be found, as an earlier report on the Birdguides site had stated that it had flown to the SE corner of the lake.

We returned the following night at about the same time but once again, no luck! We bumped into two other people who were keeping look-out but they hadn’t seen it either. The light was also failing badly and if we had seen it, I wouldn’t have got a single shot.

I returned the following day but this time at 8am and spent a couple of hours there but it still didn’t show up!

Wildlife photography can be hard sometimes!

Alamy Update

My Alamy account was recently upgraded to use the new AlamyUpload system towards the end of last month. I have uploaded nearly 150 images since then and today all of them were approved including some images that were only uploaded 3 days ago. So within the next 24 hours these new images will be available for sale on Alamy, taking my image total up to nearly 1200.