Jubilee River

The Jubilee River is in fact not a real river it was constructed as a means of diverting flood waters away from the Thames in the 90’s and was only completed fairly recently. Its now a great place for walking and wildlife, I spotted a Great Crested Grebe, Heron and a number of geese whilst I was taking these photos today.

UPDATED: 31st July 2007 – See the full gallery

SWAPPS Museum, Lasham


Tucked away in the heart of the Hampshire countryside is Lasham Airfield, one of the top locations in the UK for gliding. Right next to it is a fascinating collection of old aircraft at the SWAPPS museum.

Rodrigo y Gabriela @ Guilfest

I got to Guilfest just in the nick of time to photograph the first of the headline acts, Rodrigo y Gabriela who come from Mexico but are now based in Dublin. They are very new on the scene andwere absolutely stunning, the raw energy they were producing was astounding. I have never heard such a great accoustic sound. I think I shall go and buy their album.

Farnborough project

I am currently working on a local photography project. I live in Farnborough and many changes are starting to take place. The old town centre known as Queensmead is being ripped apart by bulldozers, the Concept 2000 building likewise and Farnborough business park is also being developed further. The strange thing is Farnborough business park is now owned by SEGRO, the company that manages the infamous Slough Trading Estate, epitomised by the now legendary comedy series “The Office”.

My photos can be viewed at http://www.nicklewis.net/gallery/37 and I shall be continuing this project over the coming year, so please do check back.

Lightroom 1.1

Are you a Lightroom user? Have you updated to 1.1 yet? Do so!

They have fixed a number of niggly bugs such as the slow keywords functionality and everything seems far quicker than before. I have been playing with the features that allow you to import from other computers on the network. This seems to work pretty well although on a couple of occasions the original files aren’t being copied across and only the previews seem to be copied. Strange? Anyone else found this?