The build up

Bestman and Groom

On the 2nd of June I got married and my Brother was the best man. He took this photo whilst we were both getting ready in a hotel room. I seem to recall he held the camera out in front of him and captured a shot of himself (foreground) and myself (background). Its the only wedding photo taken of the preparations for the big day.

Just thought I’d share it with you!

Facebook: How Complicated Has This Site Become?

I disagree with this totally!!!!

“What the hell has happened to Facebook? I logged in for the first time in a long time yesterday to respond to a message from this idiot and I
’m greeted by all sorts of strange and unwanted distractions. There’s little colored icons everywhere… I’m getting “super poked” (what?) by people I’ve never heard of… the NYPD wants to hire me…”

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The power of the Net

I am really excited about this, today a friend of mine and a member of Nfolio contacted me to let me know he’d sold a print of his “Jumping Lamb” photo on Nfolio. I asked him how he had sold it and found out that it had been sold through his Photobox Pro account.

I did some research and found that Nfolio had received a record number of hits in a short period of time.

It dawned on me…

Most of the traffic for these hits could be traced back to and I remembered a chat I had with another friend of mine via MSN just two days ago. He had added a link to the page featuring Richard’s Lamb photo and this link leapt in to the top ten on the site. This drove around 35,000 people to it!

So Richard’s customer must have been one of these people.

How fantastic is that!!!