Titchfield Haven today and catch you soon!

I went down to Titchfield Haven today and was a bit worried at first as the weather was very grey when I woke up this morning. It picked up a bit by the time I completed the 45 mile journey from home but it remained mostly grey which isn’t ideal for photography. However the sun did peep through at times and despite the conditions I think I’ve got a good selection of images for my stock.

I am going to be leaving the Blog on “autopilot” for the next week or so because on Saturday 2nd June, I am getting married and we will be going away for a few days. So the first of my Titchfield photos will appear tomorrow and others will filter through during the week, I apologise if not many of them come with much text.

If you haven’t been to Titchfield Haven before it’s on the Hampshire coast where the river Meon meets the sea (Solent). It comprises of a mixture of habitats and attracts a phenomenal amount of wildlife all year round. To give you a brief idea of what I saw today – Redshank, Heron, Egrets, Cormorant, Avocet, Geese (of various kinds), Swan, Tern, Swallows (to quick for my lens!), Lapwing, Oystercatcher, Moorhen, Coot, Shelduck, Mallard and thats just the waders etc. Keep your eyes peeled as you will also spot a variety of species in the reeds such as Bunting and others.

Since its the closest wetland to me, I am planning on going there again as soon as I can. Anyway must go, got a load of images to sort through and then better start getting ready for the big day… Catch you all soon!

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