Red Kites #2

Just in case you are wondering if I had any luck at all with getting a half decent shot of a Red Kite, I have yet to achieve that goal!

I have found a couple of great places where I can get the shot I am looking for but its going to take a little more time than I first anticipated. I need to find a place where I can hide myself and I need a longer lens. I do have a 500mm Sigma but I just feel that I may need something even bigger to be able to get closer to the subject without threatening it with my presence.

If you are wondering where you may find Red Kites, your best bet is pretty much anywhere in the Chilterns and that extends between Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. I have also heard that they can now be seen very close to Newcastle and some may even be roosting in Gateshead! If you live in or near Wales, check out Gigrin farm as there is a special feeding station there where you can get a very good view of these fantastic birds.

If you have any luck photographing them, please drop me a line 🙂

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