50% of Italians…

I was watching “Francesco’s Italy: Top to Toe” (BBC2) last night and found it utterly compelling. I had seen one earlier episode in the series but have missed all of the others which annoyed me somewhat. Did he visit Sorrento, Amalfi, Naples, Vesuvius etc?? Please let me know if you have been following the series either during its first run last year or its recent repeat.

One little anecdote amused me no end and that was: “50 percent of Italians are unfaithful. Which means if its not you, it’s your wife!” This could of course go the other way round but I thought that was a typical Italian thing to say and really sums up their wonderful sense of humour.

You may have guessed from previous posts on this blog, that I have an obsession with Italy. I am not shy to admit it, that since I first visited the country a mere two years ago, I can’t get enough of it. Luckily for me my other half likes it too!!

Italy has a lot to offer and the aforementioned television series really goes into some depth. Francesco not only covers the obvious subjects such as renaissance art, architecture, catholicism, food and culture – he also delves deep into the psyche of the nation, addressing its sinister side as well as the romantic that we know and love as outsiders.

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