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New camera, Exhibition ends and Indonesia

Pebbles on the beach (macro)Took my new camera for a run yesterday to test it out. I decided to get myself a little compact that I can carry with me wherever I go and especially when I am unable to take my SLR kit with me. I opted for a Panasonic Lumix LX2 with its Leica 28mm-112mm lens and I am impressed with its quality.

The above photo was taken during a walk along the shoreline of Hengistbury Head in Dorset.

I shall upload some more of these over the next few posts.

Exhibition ends…

Dan Bachmann (Nfolio) and I took down the Exhibition on Friday evening and before we did so, got talking to a last burst of visitors who filtered through.


I caught up with Tim yesterday and he is sending over loads more of his Indonesia pictures that can be seen on It was great to see him and he had a load of stories to tell which I hope he will soon share through this blog. He is keen to do so but has a mountain of film footage to edit over the next few weeks, so I shalln’t hassle him to much!!!

Thats it big post over! Have a good week.

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