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View of Capri, Termini, Italy

nlp_0616.jpgImage Copyright Nick Lewis/Alamy AT2DXB

The view from Termini (as shown in the photo) of Capri was utterly breathtaking. I was tripodless on this occasion so had to resort to using the strategically well placed wall for support.

This wasn’t a planned shot and in fact I had no idea what to expect on this little journey around the Sorrentine Peninsular. Tina and I decided to take a tour bus from Sorrento and explore the area more. It was worth the bother because from the top of the big red double-decker
bus we could see a great deal. The drop from the cliffs was not for the faint hearted, and you had to watch out for low branches along the way to avoid being knocked out. I was admiring the scenery when i got whacked by one, it knocked some sense into me mind you.

The bus stopped at Termini, a tiny village perched high above the sea on a little mountain. We stopped off here for a little while to gaze across the sea of vineyards towards the see and the island of Capri. Long enough to take a shot or two and act like a tourist in the process.

I will return here one day at dawn, armed with tripod, multitude of lenses and an aching back to try and capture some more of this magic scenery.

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