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Black Headed Gulls fighting

Black Headed Gulls confront eachotherI have recently been exploring other avenues of photography and rediscovered my passion for nature in the process, this is one of the shots I took last weekend during a visit to Titchfield Haven down in the south of my home county, Hampshire.

Titchfield is quite a vast nature reserve and costs a very reasonable £3.70 to enter. Its money well spent as you can easily spend a whole day there watching the wildlife as I did on one very warm April afternoon. Titchfield has a number of large hides for your use and is split into two key areas. One part is formed by the natural Meon river estuary and the other half consists of 3 large man made lakes.

I saw Black Headed gulls, Avocets, Lapwing, Oystercatcher, Shelduck, Shoveler, Mallards, Swan, terns and geese. You can very easily observe all of them from any one of the hides and its worth wondering between each one as you will something different at each.

I used my 500mm lens together with a beanbag in the hides and quite simply studied the birds, watching their behaviour and capturing these moments, as with the picture above. In fact this shot is part of a set of 3 other images where you’ll see the two birds go for eachother and have a bit of a fisticuffs!

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