Location, location, location

Half the battle with photography is in finding suitable locations, judging the time of day and year to visit. I always prefer to plan my trips where I can, which often means pouring over a map for a little while to pinpoint locations. Its much easier to hop in the car at a given time and head for your chosen destination. Its much harder to search for locations whilst driving mainly because you become a danger to others and a general nuisance!

I can highly recommend some PC based mapping software which you can easily install on your desktop or laptop for when you are travelling around greater distances over a period of time. One of the latest tools on the market is a product called Quo which can be downloaded for free from www.mapyx.com and plugins may be purchased to expand the system. So when I say “free”, its not really “free”! Having said that its fairly reasonably priced and you can expand it as you need to, so its easy to budget for.

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