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Masse Lubrense, Campania, Italy

Duomo - Masse Lubrense, Campania, ItalyMasse Lubrense is Sorrento’s quiet neighbour but by no means any less interesting. There are some fine places to eat and you can have a quieter dining experience than in Sorrento. Masse Lubrense is just as stunning in its architecture but you get a better feel for Italy and the pace is more laid back. When we visited, it was as if we were the only people in town, it seemed almost deserted save for the occasional coach load of tourists passing through at break neck speeds. If shopping is your thing then I wouldn’t rate Masse at all but if you like ambling around gazing at wonderful old buildings, its a real treat.

On the food front we recommend a little cafe that is just a few footsteps away from where the bus stops. If only I could recall its name! The Neopolitan pizzas they serve up there are stunning both in looks and in the effect they have on your taste buds. I am sure most of the restaurants in this town are just as good. In fact you will be hard pushed to find a bad place to eat in the whole of Italy!

Getting there is easy if for example you stay in Sorrento, you can take one of the many bus services that head in its direction. We tried out one of the red Double Decker’s known as City Sightseeing, they are a great way of seeing the local countryside, stunning coast and taking in the air (they are open topped). They give you a narrative and are well worth going on. You can buy a day ticket and go around more than once and stop off at some other places too. We did!

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