Thought of the week and a new month begins…

nlp_2618.jpgI have come to the conclusion that if you are a stock photographer of any kind, you should have a blog. The audience that you can reach is massive and thats the very reason I keep this blog as fresh as possible. You can write all about your forthcoming projects, journeys and so on and really fire up people’s enthusiasm for the craft.

I am excited about this time of year, as I always am in early April, the days are getting longer and warmer which naturally means more time for photography as everything quite literally springs to life. I am starting to plan the trips I am going to make during the summer months and can’t wait to feel the sun on my face and the fresh air in my lungs again.

See there you go, I have shared a little about the thoughts going through my mind right now and that’s what I love about blogging.

I also am a big fan of Google as you may already know and would suggest that if you don’t already have Analytics up and running for your sites, look into it, as it gives you a fantastic insight into how your “empire” is growing. You can even see where in the world your traffic is coming from, which can in turn help you make important marketing decisions. Even better if you are a travel photographer you may decide that since you are getting a lot of interest from Australia you may want to plan some more trips there in the future.


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