New camera, Exhibition ends and Indonesia

Pebbles on the beach (macro)Took my new camera for a run yesterday to test it out. I decided to get myself a little compact that I can carry with me wherever I go and especially when I am unable to take my SLR kit with me. I opted for a Panasonic Lumix LX2 with its Leica 28mm-112mm lens and I am impressed with its quality.

The above photo was taken during a walk along the shoreline of Hengistbury Head in Dorset.

I shall upload some more of these over the next few posts.

Exhibition ends…

Dan Bachmann (Nfolio) and I took down the Exhibition on Friday evening and before we did so, got talking to a last burst of visitors who filtered through.


I caught up with Tim yesterday and he is sending over loads more of his Indonesia pictures that can be seen on It was great to see him and he had a load of stories to tell which I hope he will soon share through this blog. He is keen to do so but has a mountain of film footage to edit over the next few weeks, so I shalln’t hassle him to much!!!

Thats it big post over! Have a good week.

Tim returns from Indonesia

Tim (my brother and associate photographer) has returned from Indonesia this week and is gradually sending over some photos he captured whilst out there on a film making trip. I am going to see if he would like to write an entry on the blog and I will keep you updated on the images as we sort them out.