Exhibition Update

farnflyerfinal.jpgIts taking shape slowly but surely. I take my hat off to Eric who has done the bulk of the organising for this one, he has got his prints done already! I need to get mine done and this will only take a few minutes to sort out.

Once we’ve got the images printed, its a case of mounting them and this is something thats totally new to me as I have never been involved in an Exhibition before. I am still stunned at the amount of space we have to play with at the venue. We have decided that there is no harm in spreading the pictures out as much as possible, so as not to crowd them too much.

Click on the image to see the flyer that Eric has created using one of the images he took on the day…

…and please note the link in the nav bar at the top, a permanent link to some info on the Exhibition 🙂

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