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Digital is great but what about the future?

I was stunned to learn the other day that many of the new DX class lenses could become utterly useless in the future when inevitably all Digital SLR cameras become full-frame.

Think about it all new lenses are designed specifically for digital and work brilliantly now but nobody can truly predict how things will go in the future. Will we be toting 30 Megapixel cameras in a few years time? Will our lovely DX lenses still work? Will we need to start thinking in terms of Terabytes instead of Gigabytes?

Storage is another big issue and film users may be permitted to smirk over in the corner. Slides are slides, you can store them in shoeboxes or proper plastic cases. They will still be in the attic in 30 years time and you will be able to view them just by holding them up to the light or dusting off your old lightbox and loupe.

Now considering computer technology has moved so far in the space of a decade, there is no telling how it will go in the next 10 years or even the next year alone. Will we be able to load up our old CD’s when we are old and grey to show the Grandchildren? Will we have to find an ancient dual-core 4Ghz PC to view them? Will the CD still work?

Sometimes we worry too much but I do think its important to think about these things!!

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